Online Dating Conversations: Top 8 Worst Messages to Send

This issue worries most of the guys. Let’s admit it – it’s nice to get a match with a stranger you like, but it won’t be of much use if you don’t start communicating. Getting answers from each “match” is hardly possible, but if you never receive answers at all, don’t despair – you just have to change your approach to it. So, what phrases are better to forget forever?

  1.     Banal “Hello”

Do you understand that a girl will answer your “hello” the same thing in 99% of cases and you still have to come up with a continuation of the dialogue? When you chat with single girls, it is better to ask some questions right away or interest them in something. Then the chance that a woman will respond increases significantly. And this is especially true if we are talking about dating services – to win the competition, “Hello” is definitely not enough.

  1.     Provocation

“I saw this photo of you 5 years ago” – some guys find such messages original, witty, and eye-catching. But it is more likely to cause negative rather than positive reactions. You registered on the site to communicate with interesting women and not offend them, right?

  1.     Invitation to meet

It is dangerous to go out with a guy from the Internet, texting only a couple of messages. And who needs this awkward silence? It is much better to see each other in person after several days of close communication and girls also understand this. Therefore, of all the options that you can text to a girl, the phrase “let’s go for a walk” is definitely not the best one.

  1.     Vulgarity

Some guys think that the best compliment for a girl will be a high rating for her shapes. “Hey, baby! You have beautiful shapes”, “Mmm, what a nice body!” – these are the very phrases that a normal girl would never answer. Do you seriously think she’s waiting for you to appreciate her body? Most girls will mistake you for a horny teenager and blacklist you.

  1.     Too personal question

“Why are you still alone?”, “Where do you live?”, or “Tell me about your first love” – it is at least impolite to ask too personal questions to a stranger. And you yourself, without knowing it, can touch on a topic that is painful for a girl and, thereby, you kill her mood.

  1.     Stupid jokes

“Are you lost? Heaven is so far from here.” It may seem funny to someone, but don’t forget that a sense of humor is a delicate thing and it is extremely rare for two strangers to coincide. If this method seemed original earlier, then with the development of social media, such jokes don’t seem original.

  1.     Too many messages

An overly annoying interlocutor can be blacklisted soon. Don’t bother a woman with messages at three o’clock in the morning and don’t ask what she does every minute. Such an overabundance of attention will only hurt.

  1.     Promises

It is normal that you choose among many girls. Therefore, you shouldn’t pretend that everyone you text to is your ideal. Let’s leave messages like “When I saw your photo, I realized that you are my destiny” because nobody believes such a phrase.

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