6 Things Women Think Are Boring in Sex

The characteristic “boring lover” is by no means on the list of virtues of a man with whom women would like to spend a lifetime, or even one night. To help you avoid this terrible fate, we’ve compiled a list of things women find boring in bed. Read, memorize and learn so that you never make the same mistakes again and become known as a true Casanova.

Too Cautious

There is nothing sexy about a man who prefaces all of his actions in bed with a polite question, “May I?” A good lover knows how to give a woman without words to understand their intentions and excite her, without asking too many questions. A penetrating “undressing” look or a passionate touch speaks volumes about your desire to have sex.


If you and your partner are in a long-term relationship, sex often turns into a rut. The crazy passion and crazy sex that marked the beginning of your affair is partly due to spontaneity and the novelty effect. You were conquering new territory, and now that this territory is known to you down to the last hill, interest is lost. If you do not want to lose the freshness of sexual sensations and prolong the excitement and passion of the first days for many months or even years, look for new poses and techniques to surprise your partner every time.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – it will bring pleasure to both of you; never allow the situation to reach that critical limit when your partner can predict your every move. For example, if foreplay usually takes you no more than five minutes, stretch that pleasure for fifteen minutes and torment her mercilessly before quenching her desire. The partner will simply lose her head and forget what kind of world she is in. Soon the same thing will happen to you.

Mechanical sex

Most women would agree that sex without passion is just boring – a waste of time; no woman wants to be in the role of an inflatable doll – except sometimes. No one is saying that every sexual act has to be equally awesome; just don’t ignore the fact that regardless of temperament, a woman always wants to remain a woman and demands to be treated accordingly. Therefore, to become the perfect lover, it is enough to make LOVE with her from time to time.

If you don’t give yourself the trouble to be creative and limit yourself to one time, a woman can find a less lazy partner…


While many women – like men – feel they should be grateful for any sexual attention, the reality is that partner laziness eventually tires them out and causes them to look around for a more eager man. So if you value the relationship, try to put some effort and ingenuity into it at least once in a while.

And here we should mention that scary “R” word that terrifies almost every man. Have you already guessed it? That’s right – romance. In addition, you have an advantage: when the relationship is already far gone, and the period of flowers and courting is left behind, women do not expect anything romantic from men, so a sudden display of affectionate love will make her wonder what a distant planet you arrived from. The partner will certainly want to reward you (believe me!), and then it’s your turn to be surprised.

Loyalty to a single location

If your partner remembers every crack in your bedroom ceiling, you’re in trouble. However, there’s no need to panic – a simple “change of locations” can easily solve this problem. Have sex on the kitchen table, in the bathroom, in the car, on a secluded beach, in the woods … The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and try not to get caught.

Unwillingness to experiment

If you and your partner are involved in a long-term relationship, if you value your attachment and do not want to be bored in bed, try new positions, role-playing games, give free rein to your imagination. In general – do anything, if it pleases both of you and spices up your relationship.

Over a glass of wine discuss your preferences in sex with your partner, and you no sooner have time to realize your sexual fantasies in reality.

That’s the whole list of the most common mistakes in sex – only seven items. However, relax – as a rule, women do not expect their partner’s skill and ingenuity to be Casanova. It is enough for them to see that you are willing to make an effort to keep their love.

Remember that the antonym of boredom is spontaneity and surprise; so if you try to surprise your partner, coolness in the relationship is not a threat to you. The main thing is to have a woman around who is also ready to change for you.



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