The Most Common Fetishes Explained

The Most Common Fetishes Explained

We have to admit that kinks and fetishes are the thing of the century. No matter how far we go, we always want to go further in our sexual lives. At the same time, our society is getting more and more open-minded, and we are willing to talk about it in public and in different shows. There are also many fetish videos like those ones here being produced recently. That is great!

However, the thing with kinks and fetishes is that no matter how far you go, somebody is always further. No matter how hard you try to pass them up, they will always be further by you! If you think you are into harsh experiences, there is somebody who is relentlessly working on being harsher than you. No matter how snowflaky you are, there is somebody who enjoys the missionary position even better!
And why is this happening? What are the most popular kinks and fetishes, and are they really as popular as we think they are? Or is it just a projection of our personal desires?

  1. Bond Me Up 

There are some surveys conducted a couple of years ago, and it turns out that more than 60% of the population is really into bondage and BDSM plays. This is probably the reason why we normalize bondage as it should be! It is no longer only in porn sites, it is on the TV shows, different movies, and music videos. And generally, it is becoming something quite regular!

And yes, the statistics mean that at least half of your partners wanted to tie you up whether they did or not. Or they wanted to get bonded! You should have done it when it was the right time for this. Don’t miss your chance next time!

  1. Voyeurs

The same surveys actually proved that more than 20% of the men admitted that at some point of their life, they had watched a person who didn’t know that they were being watched. Next time you wipe your ass in the bathroom, just check out if the door is locked. If you think about it just for a second, you cannot miss the fact that a major part of the porn that is on adult websites is about people doing stuff while they are being watched.

This survey proves that more than 70% of men have enjoyed that kind of porn, and only fifty percent, which is not that less, of women, have done it, too! It’s not like you are starring at Big Brother, but you are always watched!

  1. Feet Play

Okay, this might sound a bit weird to somebody, but it is actually true that most people have enjoyed some variation of foot play at some point of their lives. About 50% of the people, interacting in the conducted survey have admitted that they are still into this on a daily basis. About ninety percent of those people have watched feet play at least once in their life.

To be honest, I’m not surprised at all, and I’m happy that the survey was anonymously done. I am not really sure if people had to write their name above this, they would tell the truth. 

  1. Place Play 

I do not think there is anybody in this world who has not had sex in some weird places. And by saying weird places, I mean every other place out of your home. This might be the supermarket lot or the park or just on the balcony. More than 85% of the population turns out to have had sex in different places than their homes, and still, I am not really surprised at that.

This is kind of a forbidden fantasy because, you know, it is not really legal to fuck people in the parking lot, but it is so very turning-on just thinking about it. I can understand why people are doing it. It is a great experience with a lot of pressure that somebody will see you and who wants to be caught doing something naughty?

  1. Watching Porn And Masturbating

The results of the survey show that more than 95% of the people in the research are watching porn at least once a week, and 65 of them are actually watching porn every single day. And yes, this is a fetish. In the society living, under the rule of lust and electronic fuck, it is only natural to have the need to watch porn video online to satisfy your desires! Everybody does it, and everybody will do it in the future.
Our animalistic needs are never going to die as well as the porn industry. Something majestic should happen for people to stop watching porn. Yeah, it is quite an impossible scenario!

Here they are the most common fetishes explained socially. We are not saying that they are just popular. They are popular for a reason! Everybody watches them, everybody practices them, they become trendy, and they become part of the normal. Sometimes I feel like, in 10 years, these will not even be considered as fetishes because they will be a part of our daily life! Just as doing the laundry and cooking! What a wonderful world would that be?