Germany is Still Leading the Way for Sex and Prostitution

Germany has always been considered forward-thinking, and the countries opinions and attitudes towards sex, sex work, and sexual liberalism is no exception.

In Germany, you can expect to find progressive attitudes towards nudity, LGBTQIA+ communities and rights, and a unique sense of sexual freedom.

But why is Germany still leading the way for sex and prostitution?

Sex Work is a Recognised Career

Since the law on the legalisation of prostitution, passed in 2002 by the Social Democrats and the Greens, Germany has offered new security, protection and autonomy for sex workers, such as German whores and prostitutes, erotic masseuses, and even strip dancers, by giving them a professional status.

At present, there are over 2,300 licensed and official sexual service establishments across Germany which are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. 

Unlike many other parts of Europe, engaging with a sex worker in Germany is considered safe and largely regarded as a fact of everyday life. 

The Most Sex Positive Country in Europe

The majority of German residents are open-minded and open to discussions around sex, sexuality, and, of course, sex work.

The country’s rich history of challenging traditional norms and embracing individual freedoms can even be traced back to as early as the 20th century, and Germany continues to be at the forefront of sexual progression.

Since the legalisation of prostitution, sexual service establishments are no longer considered taboo and can be found in red light districts across the country. As such, Germany is considered a top destination for sex tourism, and is even frequented by sexy celebrities looking for a good time

A Diverse Selection of Female Escorts

In light of the country’s legal status regarding escorts, prostitutes and brothels, plus a positive attitude towards sex, Germany has become the home to thousands of experienced, talented, and sexy sex workers from all walks of life.

By simply taking a look at one of Germany’s escort directories, such as Erobella, there are clearly many escorts and sex workers across the country. From small towns to the big cities, call girls and escorts are readily available to offer a wide range of services. 

The Best Connected Sex Hub in Europe 

Another reason many escorts call Germany home is due to the easy access to the rest of Europe. Girls from across Europe have moved to Germany to earn a living as professional sex workers.

Germany has an extensive and highly developed transportation network that links it to the rest of Europe through various modes of transport:


  1. Deutsche Bahn (DB): Germany’s national railway company operates a comprehensive network of high-speed (ICE) and regional trains. 
  2. Thalys and Eurostar: These high-speed trains link Germany to Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK via Brussels and Amsterdam.

By Car

  1. Autobahn Network: Germany’s extensive autobahn system connects to neighbouring countries, facilitating smooth road travel. Major cross-border routes include:
    • A3 to the Netherlands.
    • A5 to France.
    • A7 to Denmark and Austria.
    • A8 to Austria.

By Plane

  • Frankfurt Airport (FRA): One of Europe’s busiest hubs with extensive international connections.
  • Munich Airport (MUC): Another major hub with numerous European and intercontinental flights.
  • Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER): Serving the capital, with connections across Europe.

With excellent transport links, clients from across the globe can easily plan a sex vacation or a horny weekend getaway – further adding to the demand of high-class sex service establishments.

Germany is a major tourist destination. There were around 183.3 million tourist arrivals in German travel accommodation in 2023, many of whom sought the desirable services of local sex workers. With so much to see and do in Germany and its many cities, plus the benefit of high-class brothels and beautiful local escorts, it’s no surprise that Germany continues to lead the way with sexual liberalism, prostitution, and sex work.