Two Of The Hottest Look Alikes From The Philippines: Cindy Miranda And Sanya Lopez

The similarities are uncanny and both are insanely hot.  These Filipinas are making their fans sweat whenever they showcase their physique.  Both are actresses, by the way.  One is a beauty queen and the other is a reality star.  One did a sexy film and the other is posting.  One is making her waves on TikTok with her sexy dances and one is…  Wait, both of them are.  Oh, and they also show their fabulous physique on social media as both of them are fitness buffs.  So here they are, ladies and gentlemen, from the Philippines!

Let’s start with Cindy Miranda

Cindy Miranda is an actress and beauty contest winner.  She won the Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 2013 beauty pageant.  In 2013, she also received the Binibining Petron and Cream Silk Beyond Beautiful Woman honors. She also represented the Philippines in the Miss Tourism Queen International 2013 pageant held in China on October 3, 2013. She placed in the top ten of this pageant.  She has appeared in several films and series, including Maria (2019), Nerisa (2021), and My Husband, My Lover (2021).

She joined the cast of Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited in 2011.  She co-hosted the variety game show “Wil Time Bigtime” from 2012 to 2013.  In 2013, she participated in the Binibining Pilipinas Tourism beauty contest. She made her film debut in 2015 with the film No Boyfriend Since Birth.

Her Early Life

Joanna Cynthia Veron Miranda was born on November 19, 1990.  Her parents are Ana and Tony Miranda. Her father sold cigarettes, while her mother was a musician.  She has four siblings.  Cindy aspired to compete in beauty pageants from an early age.  She holds a degree in tourism from the University of Santo Tomas.  She received cum laude honors during graduation in 2011.

Career Journey

In 2011, she joined the cast of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited.  She co-hosted the variety game show Wil Time Bigtime from 2012 to 2013.

Cindy competed in the Binibining Pilipinas 2013, where she won Binibining Pilipinas Tourism 2013 and received the Binibining Petron and Cream Silk Beyond Beautiful Woman Awards.  On October 3, 2013, she represented the Philippines in the Miss Tourism Queen International 2013 contest held in Xianning, China.  At the end of the competition, she finished in the Top 10.

Her feature film debut came in 2015 with the film No Boyfriend Since Birth (2015) in a supporting role, and it took her three years to return to the big screen with Ang Pambansang Third Wheel (2018), alongside the equally stunning Yassi Pressman, and she hasn’t stopped working in movies since.

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And now, the equally Hot Sanya Lopez

Sanya Lopez is an actress best known for her performance as Lorna in the television series The Half Sisters.  She was also cast as Dayana in Encantadia, a reboot of the same-titled sitcom from the mid-2000s.

Sanya also portrayed Thea on Dormitoryo and Abby on Karelasyon: Poser.  She is also very popular on Instagram.  Sanya became an official recording artist in 2022 with her debut track, “Hot Maria Clara.”  She is also one of the most popular Kapuso stars on TikTok, where she posts humorous and charming dancing videos.

Her Early Life

Sanya Lopez was born on August 9, 1996, as Shaira Lenn Osuna Roberto and reared in Malolos, Bulacan.  Sanya is the daughter of Marlyn Roberto and Ramil Roberto, who died when she was two years old.  She is the younger sister of actor Jak Roberto.  Sanya met German Moreno when she was 14 years old and started to consider him a father figure; she dedicated her performance to both Moreno and her father.  Her manager gave her the name Sanya, which is of Indian origin.

Career Journey

Sanya’s career began in 2012 when she was accidentally found by the late German Moreno on the set of Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman, where her brother, Jak Roberto, was a regular.  In an interview, Lopez explained how people confused her for another actress, Kim Rodriguez, who also appeared on the show.  Moreno has since added her to the program as a co-host.

Sanya was then cast in supporting roles in several GMA Network afternoon programs, including Dormitoryo and The Half Sisters, where she played Lorna.  She auditioned for and was cast as Danaya in the television adaption of Encantadia, which was initially portrayed by Bubble Gang’s former cast Diana Zubiri, and considers it her biggest television break.

In February 2020, it was revealed that she would play the lead in Agimat ng Agila.  In October of the same year, it was revealed that she would play Melody Reyes in First Yaya.  In 2021, both shows aired at the same time, boosting her popularity.  They were such a hit that they were both renewed for a second season in 2022, however, her role in Agimat ng Agila had to be killed off owing to schedule difficulties.  She will play the famous warrior Urduja in the television series Mga Lihim ni Urduja in 2023.

In 2024, she reprised her roles as Hara Danaya in Encantadia Chronicles: Sang’gre and Morena in Pulang Araw, confirming her position as Asia’s First Lady of Primetime after receiving additional local and international recognition.

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