Why Hope Dworaczyk Is One Of Our All-Time Favorite Playmates

Oh boy, oh boy!!!  You, readers, are in for a super hot treat!!!  Guys and gals, here’s Ms. Hope Dworaczyk!  Ha!  We know that a few years ago an awful lot of you (well, including us) have made her our (main) object of fantasy.  We ummm, enjoyed her Playboy pictures and yeah, some of us […]

Isabela Soncini Doesn’t Need To Pose Nude To Be Volcanic Hot -57 Pictures

You know those mystery hot chicks on the internet?  You always see their hot pictures but you don’t know a thing about them.  There’s just not much written, only their pics (but that’s okay as a picture paints a thousand words right? Right!).  Well, we’re featuring another very private girl here.  And like those mystery babes, […]

From Farm To (Your) Fantasies: Jocelyn Chew Can Conquer It All

Oh, that face…  That hotness.  Exotic beauty at its finest.  No, really, we aren’t exaggerating.  Jocelyn Chew is just worth all your awe.  She’s like a cross between Kelly Hu and Jamie Chung.  Oh, and she can be the leading lady of all your ninja and martial arts fantasies.  Nope, that’s not typecasting…  But imagine […]