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Hottest Female Celebritiesinfo

Josephine Skriver
#1 Josephine Skriver
Picture Rating: 9.83/10

100 Hottest Girlsinfo

100 Hottest Girl Picturesinfo

Gabriela Salles
#2 Gabriela Salles
Picture Rating: 9.78/10
Carla Ossa
#3 Carla Ossa
Picture Rating: 9.76/10
Natalia Vélez
#4 Natalia Vélez
Picture Rating: 9.75/10
Emma Watson
#5 Emma Watson
Picture Rating: 9.73/10
Ariel Rebel
#6 Ariel Rebel
Picture Rating: 9.72/10
Casie Kimball
#7 Casie Kimball
Picture Rating: 9.70/10
Nina Dobrev
#8 Nina Dobrev
Picture Rating: 9.70/10
Arianny Celeste
#9 Arianny Celeste
Picture Rating: 9.69/10

Hottest Male Celebrity Picturesinfo

Nathaniel Buzolic
#1 Nathaniel Buzolic

100 Hottest Guysinfo

100 Hottest Guy Picturesinfo

Steven R. Mcqueen
#2 Steven R. Mcqueen
Picture Rating: 9.80/10
Ryan Guzman
#3 Ryan Guzman
Picture Rating: 9.78/10
Tim Urban
#4 Tim Urban
Picture Rating: 9.77/10
Ed Nelson
#5 Ed Nelson
Picture Rating: 9.76/10

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Brooke Shields vs Helena Christensen

Brooke Shields
Helena Christensen
Brooke Shields
Helena Christensen

They were two of the hottest babes in the 80's and time has been good to them. American actress Brooke Shields and Danish supermodel Helena Christensen were spotted together hosting the Reserved Magazine launch party in New York.

Who do you think is the hotter one, Brooke or Helena?

Scroll down to see the results of the previous Battle of the Day

Hottest Birthday Babes

Mircea Monroe

Mircea Monroe - Rating: 9.36/10

Born: Nov 28, 1982 (age 33)

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan - Rating: 9.24/10

Born: Nov 28, 1987 (age 28)

Janet Kener

Janet Kener - Rating: 8.69/10

Born: Nov 28, 1984 (age 31)

Staci Noblett vs Gemma Hiles

Staci Noblett Won!

Staci Noblett
Gemma Hiles
Staci Noblett
Gemma Hiles

Nov 27 is the birthday of these two gorgeous British blondes.

Staci Noblett is a glamour model who has appeared in Page 3, Zoo, Nuts, Loaded, FHM and other magazines

Gemma Hiles is an adult model who has done work with Playboy and many others.

Which British birthday girl is hotter?