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Jessica Ashley
#1 Jessica Ashley

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100 Hottest Girl Picturesinfo

Bar Refaeli
#2 Bar Refaeli
Violet Budd
#3 Violet Budd
Natalia Vélez
#4 Natalia Vélez
Karlie Kloss
#5 Karlie Kloss

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Ryan Reynolds
#1 Ryan Reynolds

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Matt Bomer
#2 Matt Bomer
Joel Rush
#3 Joel Rush
Jensen Ackles
#4 Jensen Ackles
Zac Efron
#5 Zac Efron

Ashley Greene vs Nikki Reed

Ashley Greene
Nikki Reed
Ashley Greene
Nikki Reed

While movies come and go, sometimes long lasting friendships emerge, like Twilight costars Ashley Green and Nikki Reed. For anyone not familiar with the Twilight vampire chronicles, Ashley Green and Nikki Reed play sisters, Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale.

The Twilight series ended quite some time ago, but the actresses still remain great friends. Which lovely lady do you think would make a hotter vampire, Ashley or Nikki?

Mila Kunis vs Rachel Bilson

Mila Kunis Won!

Mila Kunis
Rachel Bilson
Mila Kunis
Rachel Bilson

Today, we thought we would take a walk down memory lane into the before time. Back in the time before Mila Kunis and Rachel Bilson were embarking on motherhood and were flaunting their curves in slinky attire on magazine covers making men drool. Their journeys today may forever change their bodies and prevent them from ever being the cover girls we have enjoyed over the last decade, so we thought we would pit the two against each other to see who used to be hotter, Mila or Rachel?