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Hillary Fisher
#1 Hillary Fisher

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100 Hottest Girl Picturesinfo

Bar Refaeli
#2 Bar Refaeli
Natalia Vélez
#3 Natalia Vélez
Lina Posada
#4 Lina Posada
Carla Ossa
#5 Carla Ossa

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Ryan Reynolds
#1 Ryan Reynolds

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Zac Efron
#2 Zac Efron
Matt Bomer
#3 Matt Bomer
Bradley Cooper
#4 Bradley Cooper
Jensen Ackles
#5 Jensen Ackles

Lea Michele vs Katy Perry

Lea Michele
Katy Perry
Lea Michele
Katy Perry

With Coachella in full swing, celebs are braving balmy temperatures to partake in the musical festivities.

Lea Michele posted pics on her Instagram account of herself sitting alongside pop star Katy Perry, complimenting Perry's fashion choices.

Who do you think would be hotter at Coachella, Lea or Katy?

Kate Upton vs Cameron Diaz

Kate Upton Won!

Kate Upton
Cameron Diaz
Kate Upton
Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton are featured in an upcoming movie 'The Other Woman', and they appear to have bonded during the film's production.

In her SI past, Kate has never seemed to get along with the other models. They are often seen together while Kate is surrounded by men.

This time around, perhaps it is because Cameron is more self confidant but there is less cattiness going around with her co-star. They both are quick to compliment the other.

Which hottie do you think is hotter, Cameron or Kate?