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Natalia Vélez
#1 Natalia Vélez
Picture Rating: 9.73/10

100 Hottest Girlsinfo

100 Hottest Girl Picturesinfo

Carla Ossa
#2 Carla Ossa
Picture Rating: 9.71/10
Nina Dobrev
#3 Nina Dobrev
Picture Rating: 9.70/10
Lauren Hanley
#4 Lauren Hanley
Picture Rating: 9.70/10
Arianny Celeste
#5 Arianny Celeste
Picture Rating: 9.70/10
Bruna Dacal
#6 Bruna Dacal
Picture Rating: 9.69/10
Bar Refaeli
#7 Bar Refaeli
Picture Rating: 9.69/10
Casie Kimball
#8 Casie Kimball
Picture Rating: 9.69/10
Dianna Agron
#9 Dianna Agron
Picture Rating: 9.69/10

Hottest Male Celebrity Picturesinfo

Ed Nelson
#2 Ed Nelson
Picture Rating: 9.78/10
Jamie Dornan
#3 Jamie Dornan
Picture Rating: 9.76/10
Tim Urban
#4 Tim Urban
Picture Rating: 9.75/10
Steven R. Mcqueen
#5 Steven R. Mcqueen
Picture Rating: 9.75/10

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Kendra Wilkinson vs Holly Madison

Kendra Wilkinson
Holly Madison
Kendra Wilkinson
Holly Madison

At one time, Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison were bunny loving Hef's girls next door. He catapulted them into the spotlight and on screen they acted like sisters. Holly was Hef's number 1 girl at the time and Kendra was just one of his top 3.
Kendra and Holly have both moved on from the Bunny life, but after Holly's latest book deal dissing Hef, Kendra has been mouthing off her displeasure.

Who do you think is hotter, Kendra or Holly?

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Hottest Birthday Babes

Erika Knight

Erika Knight - Rating: 8.81/10

Born: Oct 05, 1987 (age 28)

Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton - Rating: 8.76/10

Born: Oct 05, 1983 (age 32)

Nikki Dial

Nikki Dial - Rating: 8.68/10

Born: Oct 05, 1973 (age 42)

Nicki Hilton

Nicki Hilton - Rating: 8.66/10

Born: Oct 05, 1983 (age 32)

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet - Rating: 8.39/10

Born: Oct 05, 1975 (age 40)

Andrea McLean

Andrea McLean - Rating: 8.17/10

Born: Oct 05, 1969 (age 46)

Perrie Edwards vs Gage Golightly

Gage Golightly Won!

Perrie Edwards
Gage Golightly
Perrie Edwards
Gage Golightly

Former 1D bandmate, Zayn Malik may have a new girl in his life after his very public split with Perrie Edwards. Zayn was posting intimate pics on his Instagram account with American actress, Gage Golightly.

Who do you think is hotter Perrie or Gage?